UNITTY Takes On T&T’s Crime Scourge With 100 Days of Positive Action

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad – Four young people were brutally murdered in Trinidad and Tobago in the wee hours of September 21st, 2023. The youngest of the four victims was just 10-years-old. Her name was Faith. This is the sad reality of present- day T&T- a place once dubbed, ‘paradise.’

Amid the bloodshed however, there are strides being made to effect change, and while the messengers behind the effort are not politicians or members of law enforcement, they command a level of understanding about the population’s dissidence and know they can turn things around.

Orlando Octave stands at the forefront of the UNITTY project
Orlando Octave stands at the forefront of the UNITTY project

The team, comprised of artistes and influencers have hit the ground running, launching a campaign they call, UNITTY. Firmly standing ahead of the pack is singer, Orlando Octave. His spiritual enthusiasm and love for life and people, fuel his desire. Together with other Trinidad and Tobago creatives, such as Isasha, Erphaan Alves, Preedy, Jaron Nurse, DJ Lila, Pengo Music’s Randal Alexander and others, the mission to cleanse the minds of the country’s aggressors, is now underway.

Randal Alexander -"UNITTY Takes On T&T's Crime Scourge With 100 Days of Positive Action
A music producer in Trinidad and Tobago, Randal Alexander believes in the power of subliminal marketing and the engagement of youth through music and lyrics.

“The overall mission is to curtail crime in our country- to give our young boys and girls a fighting chance,” explained Randal Alexander.

A father himself, the super producer who has worked in the entertainment industry for many years, says he stands firmly in support of positive reinforcement.

“What we would like to do is transform the media’s narrative, turning it from negative, to positive. The loudest noise is heard from a distance. If that noise is negative, a larger cross section of our society feeds on this negative noise. We must change that- flipping it from negative to positive,” he enforced.

Already, team UNITTY has produced a number of short interactive videos, engaging artistes on the topic of the crime epidemic that is sweeping through the land. In one of the videos, soca artiste Preedy, whose real name is, Akeem Chance, says he’s learnt that the most powerful words in the art of war is “I apologize.” “The problems and the solutions are right there,” he noted, mindfully telling the world that he will forever stand for unity.

These videos have been making the rounds on social media, trickling into the subconscious of the people looking in.

"UNITTY Takes On T&T's Crime Scourge With 100 Days of Positive Action - Jean Marc Aimey  (left) and Randal Alexander
Jean Marc Aimey (left) and Randal Alexander support the initiative to fight for a better Trinidad and Tobago.

Support for the initiative is tantamount to its overall success. “Our mission’s success is based on the amount of support we receive from people who have the resources to help – people who want to help,” said Alexander.

Together with the core members of the team, which includes Octave and events professional, Jean Marc Aimey, Alexander revealed that a number of partners have shown interest and as such, a 100 day ‘POSITIVITY’ campaign has been launched.

“This will be the forerunner to the main event – a coming together, a unifying and uplifting concert for change – a peace festival, which will take place at the close of the year.”

Radio Partners

Radio stations and other media groups have been invited, and encouraged to partner on this tremendous undertaking. “This is no small feat. This has to be intentional. We also understand the importance of a covert approach, because our desire is not to turn the youth away,” said Alexander.

Trinidad and Tobago’s international reputation tarnished to a large extent, as a result of crime. Octave, Alexander, Aimey and so many others who’ve committed to the cause, say something must be done.

“It’s better to try and fail than the alternative. This is our country. Our children and generations to come, will inherit our individual legacies, here, in this land. How can we stand by and watch this place, once considered Paradise, fall apart and not even try to create change?, he questioned.

Corporate Support

Team UNITTY is calling on citizens, and corporations near and far. They want them to take a leap of faith, in the name of little Faith and others like her. “They did not ask to be here. It is our job as parents, leaders, professionals, businessmen and women, to take care of them. Especially, provide a safe world for them, establish a no-nonsense approach to crime and criminal behavior. It can be done and it must be done. We must save our nation.”