Our focus must continue to be on the Jamaica Reggae Girlz World Cup Mission!

by Lavern Deer

SOUTH FLORIDA –  Many has sacrificed to see our Jamaica National Women Football Team in this historic moment, we are proud and continue to be proud.

In 2012 after the training camp we hosted at UWI, I brought the dire issues facing the Reggae Girlz and the Jamaica Women Football program to members of the Jamaican Diaspora. Issues such as, lack of funding, lack of international training camps, and lack of support in Jamaica and the Diaspora.

Jamaica Reggae Girlz World Cup Mission
Lavern Deer (R) with the Jamaica Reggae Girlz in 2012 @UWI

Reggae Girlz Awareness Campaign

JIFFD now FDWO, formed the approved Reggae Girlz Awareness Campaign which was supported by the Jamaican Government and the Jamaica Football Federation produced a very successful campaign which got the attention of Cedella Marley.

This was a great outcome for our organization and, although our focus has shifted to girls affected by sexual abuse and human Trafficking, we continue to wish the program and all its funders and supporters well!!

Jamaica Reggae Girlz World Cup Mission with Lavern Deer and Cedella Marley
Lavern Deer with Cedella Marley

I believed then (When many wouldn’t even listen to me) and I continue to believe that Jamaica will become the first Caribbean Nation to win the FIFA Women’s World Cup. We must however, put aside our differences and join forces to continue the support.

Last Thursday I listened to Ambassador Audrey Marks Let’s Connect call with special guest, Minister of Culture Entertainment Gender and Sports Hon. Olivia “Babsy” Grange. As Minister Grange was explaining in full detail of the funding stream for the Reggae Girlz program, I was pleased. I was most pleased about the players receiving some form of personal income as well as an insurance plan.

While all girls in sports continue to fight for equal pay, let’s continue to advocate with them, but for now, let’s focus on the current mission of our Jamaica National Women Football Team.

Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz Initiative – readying a women’s football team for young females