“Nah Sell Out”, Alborosie and Kabaka Pyramid’s Conviction to Grasroots Reggae

by Howard Campbell

SOUTH FLORIDA – An unapologetic exponent of grassroots reggae, Alborosie pledges his conviction to that movement on Nah Sell Out, his song with Kabaka Pyramid.

Released in September, it is from Destiny, the Italian singer’s 14-song album which came out in May on VP Records.

Alborosie, who has lived in Jamaica for 20 years, told South Florida Caribbean News that his career has never been about making the charts. He is focused on recording quality songs similar to the roots-reggae icons he listened to as a youth in Sicily.

“Well, we can’t avoid commercialism because every music is sold, you know. So, we are conscious of the fact that maybe reggae music sells a little less than pop or trap or whatever, because those genres are mainstream. We are not mainstream. We are underground, but still, we like to keep ourselves authentic,” he said.

"Nah Sell Out", Alborosie and Kabaka Pyramid
Alborosie and Kabaka Pyramid

To help get his message across, Alborosie reached out to Kabaka Pyramid,  winner of the 2023 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album with The Kalling.

He believes the singjay was perfect to help convey a message of staying true to the music.

“That’s why the song is called Nah Sell Out. I’ll remain the same, regardless of the commercialism or the commercialization of my music. I’ll remain the same because my music has a message in it. And the right person to do the song with was Kabaka. Me and him bredrin long time. And I love his vibe. So, you know, it’s just right,” Alborosie disclosed.

Destiny is the ninth album for Alborosie, who was born Alberto D’Ascola.  His hit songs include Kingston Town, Jah Jah Blessing (with Etana) and Call Up Jah.