Foot Trails of Asia: The Three Best Trekking Destinations To Visit This Year

Asia’s vast size and diversity make it a haven for hiking opportunities. This vast continent provides various hikes to suit different tastes and skill levels, from short and easy to long and challenging. 

Asia has something for everyone. But, with the many destinations, how do you choose the best one? Fortunately, this blog will introduce you to the three best treks in Asia that you should visit this year. 

These treks will take you to the continent’s most beautiful and diverse landscapes, where you can experience Asia’s culture, history, and nature. With this information, you can identify which trek is most suitable to travel in style and how to prepare for it.

Best Trekking Destinations To Visit

Best Trekking Destinations In Asia To Visit This Year

Nepal: The Annapurna Circuit 

A few treks match the beauty of the Annapurna circuit in Nepal. This Asian destination allows you to admire the Annapurna massif, the Dhaulagiri range, and the Manaslu peak. These are some of the highest mountains in the world, with Annapurna being the 10th highest at 8,091 meters. 

The 10 to 21-day trek takes you through different terrains, from lush valleys and forests to arid deserts and high passes. There will also be a chance to enjoy the rich culture and hospitality of the locals from diverse ethnic groups, such as Gurung, Thakali, and Tibetan. 

One of the main trek highlights to make the most out of your hiking experience is exploring the Kali Gandaki Gorge, the deepest gorge in the world. The valley lies between the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges and offers stunning views of both mountains. 

A trek along the Annapurna Circuit is the perfect adventure for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy nature, culture, and challenge. You can climb it at any level if you are fit with the help of a guide. However, there was a new regulation recently that makes it compulsory to get a licensed guide.

Therefore, it would be best to contact the trekking experts at Bookatrekking. They can offer various trekking packages, including guides, porters, permits, transportation, accommodation, food, and equipment.

Indonesia: Mount Rinjani 

Mount Rinjani in Indonesia is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, located on the island of Lombok. It is part of the Mount Rinjani National Park, which covers an area of 413 square kilometers and protects the biodiversity and cultural heritage of the region. 

The trek to the summit is challenging but rewarding, as you will witness the spectacular sunrise over the crater lake and the surrounding islands. The crater lake — Segara Anak — is a sacred place for the locals, who believe it is the gods’ dwelling.

Along the way, the trek also presents chances of discovering the tropical rainforest, hot springs, and waterfalls. You can see various flora and fauna, such as orchids, ferns, monkeys, deer, and birds. Depending on your fitness level and preferences, the trek can take two to four days.

Mount Rinjani is an excellent adventure for anyone who loves nature, culture, and challenges. It is suitable for trekkers with experience and physical fitness, as it involves long hours of walking on steep and uneven terrain. 

The best time to trek is from April to December when the weather is dry and clear. However, you can also hike in other months as long as you check the weather conditions and volcanic activity before you go.

Bhutan: The Snowman Trek

The Snowman Trek in Bhutan is one of the world’s most challenging and remote treks, crossing 11 high passes over 4,500 meters in the Himalayas. On this trek, you’ll see rare wildlife, ancient monasteries, and nomadic villages in some of Bhutan’s most untouched areas.

The trek also gives you a glimpse of Bhutan’s unique culture and spirituality, known as the last Shangri-La. It can take up to 25 days to complete the trek and requires high physical and mental endurance.

But here’s one exciting thing:

The previous record for the Snowman Trek was 17 days, but in 2022, a Swiss runner broke it in 15 days. The runner said he trained for months before attempting this feat and enjoyed every moment. So, do you think you can take this challenge?

One of the key highlights of the Snowman Trek is crossing 11 high passes over 4,500 meters in the Himalayas. These passes, such as the Jaze La (5,250 meters) and Loju La (5,140 meters), are challenging and scenic, as they offer views of the snow-covered peaks, glaciers, lakes, and valleys. 


These are three of the best treks in Asia you should visit this year, as listed in this blog post. These treks are the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, Mount Rinjani in Indonesia, and the Snowman Trek in Bhutan. 

During these treks, you will explore some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes, learning about their culture, history, and natural beauty. Taking part in these trails is not only challenging and rewarding, but it is also an unmissable, life-changing, and unforgettable experience.