Angel or Demon – ShariBeckford and Dean Fraser’s Latest Release

by Howard Campbell

KINGSTON, Jamaica – While most of her peers rocked to homegrown dancehall music in Jamaica and Top 40 songs from the United States, ShariBeckford preferred the laid-back country sound her parents’ generation  listened to.

Angel or Demon - ShariBeckford and Dean Fraser's Latest Release

Since she began recording music three years ago, her songs have a flavor reminiscent of her heroes from the US south. Her latest release is Angel Or Demon,  which is about a relationship that never worked out.

ShariBeckford produced the ballad with veteran saxophonist Dean Fraser, who has helped develop her sound. He also co-produced I Will Not Break, her first song.

Released in June, Angel Or Demon is the follow-up to Drink If You Wanna, a dance number that heard her stepping away from the country feel ShariBeckford has loved since her youth.

“I love the sound of country music, ever since I first heard Charley Pride and Dolly Parton. Celine Dion, Kenny Rogers and Beres Hammond are also my favorites,” she said.

Angel Or Demon was recorded two years ago but remastered this year for its official release. Typical of the country genre, it deals with affairs of the heart.

ShariBeckford is from eastern St. Andrew in Jamaica. She was raised in Harbour View, a middle-class neighborhood which produced acts like roots singer Fred Locks and music producer Computer Paul.

In addition to singing, she has written two children’s books — Confidence Builder For Little Dreamers and The Sleep Idea.